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  • Community Events

    Santa Paws at Zamzows (see details for store locations)
    12-10-16 1:00 pm - Phoenix Fire Games
    Boise Hiking with Dogs

    Have an adorable photo of you and your pet taken with the Original Santa Paws. Photos cost $8 and all the money benefits the Idaho Humane society and Nampa Pet Haven. Hosted at the following Zamzows locations:Bosie: Fairview, State St, Federal...

    Class & Event: Learn KIZOMBA and Zouk!!
    12-10-16 1:00 pm - Phoenix Fire Games
    208 Latin Dance - Salsa, Bachata, and more!

    Kizomba is the FASTEST growing dance, along with Zouk in the latin dance world!! WE NEED THIS IN BOISE!!! Feeling the Winter chill ?? Beat the cold and COZY up with KIzomba! Known as "African Tango" Kizomba is the word for 'Party' in Angola,...

    D&D5e Young Adventurer's Guild
    12-10-16 1:00 pm - Phoenix Fire Games
    Treasure Valley Gamers/ Roleplayers

    A tabletop game series for interested teens and preteens aged 10 to 16! Running on the 2nd Saturday of every month, this will be a series of D&D 5e games designed for the younger crowd.   Players will create their own characters at the start of...

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